3DZest is a 3D

CGI and Virtual reality developer

We are focused on unleashing the potential business advantage in leveraging cutting edge3D/CGI Virtual and Augmented Reality technology.

Our clients benefit from our expertise at merging 3D /CGI and Virtual Reality technology into the clients marketing and sales process. These are infused with a client’s business growth strategies that utilise cutting edge implementation of CGI, 3D and Virtual reality technologies to bring in more revenue and increased sales.

Our goal is to help our clients achieve a significant advantage through a clever leverage of a bespoke and purposeful implementation of technology into their marketing and sales process. This leads them to achieve a higher sales and conversion rates.

Let us help you grow your business and increase revenue though our range of bespoke and customisable solutions

Property Sector

3Dzest has a wealth of experience in the Property sector, including planning , Design , Off Plan sales process and Virtual Reality tours of site ranging in size from small apartments to 90 Unit village developments.

We can offer a suite of services as part of a co-ordinated sales and marketing campaign to reach your target audience and then wow them with site specific interactivity and small detail immersive technology, that will bring out more engagement.

CGI services

Creation of Images for property design and planning

Videos and Animation

of buildings both interior and exterior

Augmented reality

interact with cutting edge technology – Virtual Reality using latest smart phone and cloud computing technology which creates a life like walk through buildings and space


We offer a wide range of Product and services

We offer a tailored and bespoke 3D/CGI and Virtual Reality solutions with the following customisation options :
Our Immersive and interactive technology

Product Visualisation
Interior Animation
Exterior Animation
Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality
Logistic Plans + Temp work solutions -Bidding process

3D CGI and Virtual Reality site tour of development

Both Interior and exterior Animation videos, and Virtual Reality tour of the site can be created to give the sales process a big boost.

The complete site / building can be created using our software process so that a virtual Reality walk thorough can be experienced by potential customers and also as an aid for contractors.

Developers and builders can focus on delivering the project.

3Dzest has a several bespoke solutions for interior designers and renovation companies
Be it installing a new hotel lobby or redesigning luxury bathroom suite or kitchen, we using 3Dzest can drastically reduce design process, get quick client approval of the final look and iron out special awareness / colour or theme issues, before any building or construction expense has been incurred.

Client / customer interaction and engagement will also increase your effectiveness to win more business .


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Coffee

Interactive House viewings

3DZest has been working with property developer big and small for a number of years, through our innovative solutions we can help Developers and Estate agents maximise the number of viewings they complete via online Virtual Reality Tours of property, these can be extremely realistic and give the viewer the ability to view properties anytime.

This is a great solution when selling to foreign or overseas clients, and can build great interactivity and rapport.

Contact us to customise your ideal solutions.


Working with Media companies and advertising agencies

3DZest can collaborate as part of your creative team, to help bring greater customer interactivity and better client experience through creative use of AR and Virtual Reality.

Advertising campaigns can leverage AR & VR technology to better engage customers and clients and audiences, offer the customer more tailored solution and innovate offers and interaction with customers.

Brand building and market growth

Market awareness

Product and value awareness

Sales process

Our Latest Work

3DZest social media section

Youtube channel
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Podcast – Andi Arter
Interviews with leading developers who are integrating CGI-3D and VR-AR in their business process.

Blog post and links to articles published , 1 article per week, 3-5 videos per week +

  • Branding – 90%
  • UX Research – 77%
  • Interface Design – 85%

Live event & Conference and Exhibition interactivity and relive the event

We are able to provide a unique experience for your clients pre event buy setting up interactive Augmented Reality features for the event, perhaps working with exhibitors demonstration kits to help explain the product or service using unique flexibility of VR and AR.

Popular music / Rock festivals could offer audience opportunity to interact with bands pre event , during event and after event.
An Augmented Reality film/ website could be created to allow audience to relive the experience in comfort of their own home via basic 3D headset.

Bands / Artists can add special AR features to their stage show to enhance and interact with audience

Our Team

Founders – The story of company founding
Mark and Jagoda Saw an opportunity to tap into a growing market  

Experience , Key technology skills and Work history and technological knowledge as developer – big projects and cutting edge technology worked on.

Mark - Bio

Basic skill rundown,


Experience, Key technology skills and Work history and technological knowledge as developer – big projects and cutting edge technology worked on.

Jagoda - Bio

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